To all stakeholders of the Fund,

On behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of the National Health Insurance Fund, I am honored and humbled to welcome you to the NHIF Website.The Website presents our Vision, Mission, Core Values and a mix of information in respect of the Fund’s corporate objectives. In general, the importance of the Fund’s website inter-alia is to bridge the information gap that exists among esteemed beneficiaries and other stakeholders of the Fund.In addition, it acts as a means of expanding marketing opportunities and global reach. In particular, our website is intended to be a hub for new markets. Besides, the Fund’s website is perceivable a nerve center for our growth. This website is also intended to improve customer service as some services will be available on line and showcase the entire suite of our services and provide customers’ feedback. Being a member to regional and international social security bodies, our website provides a worldwide exposure to enhance prominence.

Notwithstanding the above positive yield from our website, our traditional way of reaching out to our stakeholders will continue. We promise to perpetuate our advocacy programmes, clients’ days, going rural, outreach medical services, health check-ups and Afya Bonanza countrywide. As we meet with stakeholders on the virtual environment, we do not undermine the need to continue meeting with stakeholders physically wherever they are.

Information we wish to bring to you in this website includes but not limited to;membership, accreditation, benefit package and prices,investments, IDs matters, retiree calculator, higher learning students membership, medical equipment and facility improvement loans project, rights and obligations of members and employers. The website further embodies latest events and various downloadable materials. We have also included enough Community Health Fund information menu in this web gateway.

Having made these remarks, I hope you will find this website useful and interesting. Should you not find what you are looking for, please let us know and we will kindly assist you.

You are cordially welcome.


Bernard Konga