Salamu za Mkurugenzi Mkuu

I feel honored to welcome you to the NHIF’s Website. It presents a variety of information in respect of the Fund’s existence and operations. The importance of the Fund’s website is, inter-alia, to bridge the information gap that exists between the Fund and her esteemed beneficiaries, other stakeholders of the Fund and the public in general. In addition, it acts as a means of expanding marketing opportunities and global reach.

Contents in this website intend to improve customer service via an on-line platform that showcases the entire suite of the Fund’s services and provides customer feedback. Being a member of regional and international social security bodies, our website provides a worldwide exposure to enhance prominence. This website can be perceived as one of the communication nerves of the Fund.

The website further embodies latest events information, various downloadable materials and notifies on upcoming events of the Fund. Through it, one can access membership forms and get all necessary information for registration.

Having a corporate strategy to ensure the achievement of the Universal Health Coverage, the Fund widens its scope of membership to enable access of health insurance services to every citizen. We promise to perpetuate public awareness programs by advocating and publicizing the Fund through different channels, this being one of them. As we meet with stakeholders on the virtual environment, we do not undermine the need to also meet with them physically wherever they are and receive valuable feedbacks.

Having made these remarks, I hope you will find this website useful, user friendly and interesting. Should you not find what you are looking for, kindly let us know through various contacts available in this website and we will assist you.

You are cordially welcome.

Bernard Konga