Health Insurance For Public Institution Employees

NHIF provides affordable and accessible health services to employees in various institutions. Members intergovernmental(Central and Local) or any Public Institutions which are statutorily required to join the Fund.In accordance to this provision, employees of these institutions become automatic members of the Fund when employed in the public sector. Such institutions include the following:-

i. Central Government Ministries;

ii. Independent Government Departments;

iii. Local Government Authorities;

iv. Government Executive Agencies and;

v. Independent public institutions.

Registration Process

An employee in the public sector wishing to register to the National Health Insurance Fund should do the following:

  • He /she should fill the membership registration form that his/her will be given by their employer
  • He/she should submit a colored passport size photo for him/herself, spouse and dependents.
  • He/she should submit their check numbers or Personal File Number.
  • He/she should submit a valid certificate(s) to indicate relationship with each of his/her dependent(s)
  • Submit copy of valid Identity Cards (ID’s) as additional information for spouse and parents

Note: Identity Cards to be submitted include;

  • Driving license
  • Voters identity card
  • National identity card
  • Passport

Contribution Arrangements

Members from the public sector are obliged to contribute to the Fund a total of 6% of their monthly basic salary which is equally shared between employer and employee.

That is, 3% of the employee’s monthly salary and the remaining 3% of the same amount is contributed by the employer.

Contributions shall be remitted not later than 30 days from the month in question contrary to which the employee(s) shall be regarded as inactive and may be deemed services at accredited health facilities.

Cessation of Membership

An employee in the public sector will cease membership in the following circumstances:

  • Death of an employee
  • Termination from employment
  • Any other act that may terminate the employment of a member.
** Members who retire voluntarily at the age of 55 years or on compulsory basis at age 60 shall be entitled to the retiree benefit scheme after fulfillment of the set conditions