Excluded Services

The excluded services are mainly those services that have other Government programmes in place as follows:-

  • Chronic Public health diseases covered by Government programmes through donor funding such as Tuberculosis and Leprosy.
  • Diseases and services under Government preventive and Public health programmes funded through taxation such as Maternal and Child health services, Immunizations programmes.
  • Major events of Epidemics which can not be forecasted or planned which have a special Ministry of Health Department of Disaster Preparedness and Management, such as cholera, floods, meningitis, plague, measles etc.
  • AIDS which has a Collateral special Government programme under TACAIDS which deals and manages the aspects and treatments of the disease. The NHIF however treats all emerging complications and opportunistic infections such as abscesses, fungal infections and other diseases arising out of immunological compromisation.
  • Society disapproved and prohibited illegal undertakings such as illegal abortions, diseases emerging out of dependence or drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide and self destruction while sane or sound mind.
  • Services covered by other similar Government schemes such as prosthetic appliances, wheel chairs, employment injuries that are covered by security of employment and Workman Compensation Act, Social Welfare Act and Department, and Road Traffic Ordinance Act and Regulation.
  • Services that are by employment regulations and ordinance the duty of the employer, such as costs for traveling to and from treatment facilities, care for the deceased in the mortuary and burial obligations.
  • Services that are cosmetic such as cosmetic or ritual circumcision, cosmetic surgeries and prostheses such as dentures and artificial cosmetic implants.
  • Purchase of eye glasses that even the Government employment regulations do not avail to its employees.