Health Insurance For Mutual Groups

Since the establishment of the Fund in 2001, it has been expanding its coverage by introducing different products with the aim of attaining the National goal of health insurance for all. NHIF provides an opportunity for private groups of entrepreneurs in various sectors of the economy to register their group members with their dependents.

KIKOA is a health insurance scheme for groups in the informal sector in special groups of registered entrepreneurs like motor cycle drivers (boda boda), food vendors or any other entrepreneurial group of members not less than 10. For KIKOA agents, the minimum number of members to be registered is 100.

For a group to qualify for registration under the KIKOA scheme, It should be in existence for period of not less than three months since registration by relevant authority.

A member of KIKOA has an opportunity of registering his/her spouse and four other legally recognized dependents as per NHIF regulations.

Registration Process

  • Application Form should be accompanied by the registration certificate, Constitution, list of all members (member’s database) and TIN Number Certificate.
  • Forms must be attached with one (1) recent colored passport size photo.
  • Fill out special forms provided by the Fund Click here to get forms
  • Sign an agreement with the Fund.
  • All Members of the group will fill out NHIF Registration Forms with their personal information and attach the required documents for dependents if applicable.
  • The leaders will be responsible for collecting contributions of the NHIF registered members and submitting them to NHIF
  • All registered members will be issued with NHIF Identity Card which will be used throughout the year.
  • Member should submit a valid identity card for each of his/her dependents

Note: Identity Cards which can be used include;

  • Driving license
  • Voters identity card
  • National identity card
  • Passport

Where the dependent is short of any of the above identity cards, a letter of identification from the local government shall be used for verification of the dependent.

Contribution arrangement

Members from KIKOA contributes TZS 76,800 per person on a yearly basis and are issued with NHIF membership ID cards to be used for medical treatment within a year.

Cessation of Membership

  • Death
  • Card expiry, membership has to be renewed yearly.
  • If a member violates the rules and regulation of the Fund.
Dismissal from group.