Health Insurance for Retirees

The National Health Insurance Fund has begun to provide medical benefit for retirees since 01 July, 2009.These benefits apply to a retiree, who was a member of the Fund and his/her legal partner (wife or husband) to get medical care for the rest of their lives. Note that, this benefit does not include other dependents.

Who Is A Retired Member?

An employee (from public or private institution registered by the Fund) who has been a member of NHIF not less than 10 years before retirement.

This does not include the private members, clergies and mutual group members.

Must have 55 years age for voluntary retirement or statutory retirement age of 60 years.

Must have contributed to the Scheme for minimum of 120 months.

Member who retires voluntarily or by law before he attained 120 months of subscription shall top up the remaining months in order to gain access to the retirees benefits package.

Must be active member at the time of retirement.

Registration Process

A retired member shall return all the original NHIF Identity cards which, includes his/hers, spouse and other dependents to the nearest NHIF offices nearest;

A retired member shall fill in the Retiree membership registration form.

Retirees shall submit one recent passport size photographs of him and his/her spouse for ID card process;

Retirees shall submit a letter of retirement to confirm the cessation of his service; for councillors, there must be the certificate of service.

Retired member who has lost Identity card will be required to fill the form of the oath of Court (affidavit), provide police loss report and payTShs 20,000 as fee for the loss of each identity.

Cessation of Membership
Retiree membership will end due to death.