The Fund’s Investments function is guided by the NHIF Act, the Social Security Schemes Investments Guidelines 2012, Investments Policy and Exposure limits.Since the inception of the Fund in 2001, the NHIF Act section 33(d) requires investible funds to be invested in short-term securities, interest bearing deposits and securities. With effect from 17th

March 2010, Section 33(d) of the NHIF Act was amended and replaced by section 33(d) and 33(e) which states:-

a)That any investment of the Fund shall be for short or long–term investments aimed at improving the provision of health services to its members or to the general public; and

b)That any such investments shall be made subject to guidelines issued by the Bank of Tanzania.With these amendments, the Fund has been investing its investible funds in fixed/ call deposits, treasury bills, treasury bonds, corporate bonds, shares, loans and projects that aim at improving the health sector of Tanzania.

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