Staff of Religious Denomination


NHIF recognizes the contribution and efforts of institutions and religious organizations in the provision of various social services.

The fund has set up a special system of health insurance for these groups to enable these institutions to continue to serve the community and to achieve the government's goal of health Insurance for all Tanzanians.

A beneficiary in this group is a member who is a leader or servant of the denomination, organization or religious institution, including sheikhs, imams, bishops, priests, nuns and all other groups that carry out identical activities in accordance with the laws of the country. This procedure is optional for these groups.

Registration Process
Denomination, organization or religious institution that seeks to join the National Health Insurance Fund, will be required to focus on the following issues;

    • Submission of a registration request letter in any NHIF office nearby.
    • It should be registered in accordance with the rules and regulations of the country.
    • Beneficiaries who according to the beliefs or practices of their religion are not allowed to marry will be registered as a contributing member.
    • Those who are not allowed to marry but would like to enroll dependents who are recognized by the Fund, will contribute as outlined below:-
    • Those who are allowed to marry according to their religious beliefs and rituals have the opportunity to have dependents if they comply with terms and conditions imposed by the Fund.
    • When this group decides to register its members, the respective organization should register all staff without exception.
    • All contributions of this group which were set without taking into account the percentage of contribution will be paid in a lump sum once a year.
    • Each contributor who registered will fill the membership form attaching the two passport size photos so as to get identification for treatment.

Contribution Arrangements
The process of contributing in this group is as laid out in the guidelines for contributing to the Fund for these groups.

Dependants that are recognized in this group are the spouse of the member (wife or husband), children by birth or adoption and parents of both sides. In addition, those who by virtue of the law of marriage have more than one partner , they have the opportunity to include their partners as part of a dependency without affecting the number of dependents under the same system , considering the procedure prescribed.

Members who according to the beliefs or practices of their religion are not allowed to marry will be registered as a member contributor.

Benefits Package
Benefits given to this group are not different from benefits given to other members of this Fund. Beneficiaries will have the opportunity to get medical care in all facilities licensed by the Fund in the country. Medical services covered includes:-

      • Registration and consultation.
      • All Medical Drugs registered and allowed to be used in the country by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.
      • Medical Checkup, over 321 primary and special as CT- scan and MRI.
      • Hospitalization of the first or second Grade according to the agreement between the NHIF and service providers.
      • Minor and Major surgery of a professional level including maternal reproductive surgery
      • Dental treatment (does not include dentures )
      • Eye Treatment.
      • Physiotherapy.
      • Reading glasses to a contributing member.
      • Treatment for retirees and their spouses.
      • Medical / orthopedic appliances such as crutches, hearing equipment etc

Cessation Of Membership
Membership in this group will cease when the following circumstances occur;

    • Death of a contributor
    • Quitting work or dismissal from office
    • Termination of contributions